ELIMSYS has achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence in the production of leading-edge,
highly-complex, technology-based,
integrated solutions for ground,
airborne and maritime applications.

Not only do we offer a wide variety of individual products and subsystems, we have developed the expertise
and the capability to integrate them into powerful total solutions that meet our customers' requirements.

ELIMSYS Co. Ltd., is a global leader in solder’s communication, ultra-rugged,
commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)-based displays, tablet computers and workstations, handheld devices,
consoles and cabinet, and integrated peripheral products for military and federal applications.

ELIMSYS is a world leader in high-performance ultra-rugged communication, LCD and computer systems,
designed to operate in harsh military environments to support the digitization of the 21st century battlefield.
ELIMSYS rugged electronic products support a wide variety of ground,
marine-time and air force for modernization and command, control, communications,
computer and intelligence (C4I) platform transformation applications for land, sea and air operations.

ELIMSYS ' ultra-rugged computers are designed and built to survive the most extreme conditions.
Proven performers, our integrated systems are fully sealed,
operate over wider temperature ranges and are constructed more solidly than any competing product.
Add our rich military heritage and warranted performance, and it's clear that our ultra-rugged
computers are the right choice for operations in any hostile environment.
From the digital battlefield to the flight line, ELIMSYS delivers the best ultra-rugged computer
technology to the war fighter for any application.

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